Your friend John started a new job about 4 months ago, and now he wants to purchase a car. However, he has no idea where he should start. He knows that a lot of thought and consideration should go into buying a car; however, no one has ever explained any of it to him. As the good friend that you are, you feel it is important to help John understand his current financial situation and at the end advise him whether or not to buy a car. However, John is a bit of a safety nut, and fearing hackers and the threat of identity theft, has locked up all his important documents and put complex combinations and codes on each lock box. This wouldn’t be a big deal if he remembered any of the codes. He has some clues to open the first box, and he assures you that once you open it, there are clues in each box to help you solve the next. John is in a hurry to get this figured out, because after this weekend the bus routes are changing and the new bus route will add nearly an hour and a half to his commute. He definitely doesn’t want to commute an extra hour and a half on Monday, but he also doesn’t want to make a rash financial decision that could hinder him in the future. John is very overwhelmed and he is relying on you to straighten everything out.

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